We were a bunch of Portage Pa local riders who enjoyed riding the 100's of miles of trail on top of the mountain. The land was mostly old and present coal mining land and some very beautil wooded areas. People rode these trails since they were kids and took pride in them. The trails were made from old logging roads and clear cut lands. But it all came crashing down when the Portage Water Authority decided to close down their 2500 acres which in turn now divided the mountain in half. Remember now you had people from all sides of the mountain enjoying this area so with the Water Authority Property right thru the center of all the trails it made for a dilema. The people on the Portage side still had trails to ride but the folks from the Blue Knob side couldn't get over to the popular spots. As we were all one big riding family we decided to bond together to try and work with the Water Authority and come up with a plan. We attended meetings with them and even was able to work witha forestor to see if we could come up with 2 connector trails. Everything seemed to be going pretty good as the forestor found a few spots to make 2 connector trails that would have no impact on the watershed, but then the Water Authority decided that it just wouldn't work and told us to come back in the spring.



Well now we had a group of 30 riders and had no idea what we should do next. We all had the same goal of trying to save places to ride. The question is how do we do it and what are our options of doing it. There are still over 2500 acres for sale on the mountain, so do we try and find a way to create a fund to buy land and how much of it can we get. This is where the inner battles started as some wanted to do this all on our own while others wanted to use the ATV Grants and try and get the land. At this same time we decided to try and talk to some municipalities about opening up roads for atv use, mainly so the people on the other side of the mountain could get back to the main riding area. A few of the members started doing their homework and came up with a template on what to use with these muncipalities. They started going to meetings sometimes 3 or 4 a week and made alot of headway.

Be Part of Our Community

If you are a rider and would love to join the family feel free to join us. We have people of all ages and types of riders. But we are also fishermen, hunters, kayakers, hikers and campers. In other words we love the outdoors.